After being established on 2nd June 2014, the Party of Miro Cerar (SMC) won the 13th July General Election in Slovenia, and took the reins of government.

Dr. Miro Cerar became the Prime Minister of the 12th government of Slovenia. The PM, 51 years old at the time, has stressed on several occasions that he entered politics motivated by the desire to change the situation in Slovenian society.

Dr. Cerar was elected Prime Minister-designate on 28th August, and had his cabinet line-up confirmed in Parliament on 18th September. The SMC formed a coalition with the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) and the Social Democrats (SD).


The ruling Party of Miro Cerar was renamed the Modern Centre Party at its first Congress in Sežana on 7th March 2015. PM Cerar said the new name was meant to highlight that the SMC is “a modern political party”.

He said the party’s values were respect for human dignity and human rights, tolerance and securing equality. “Being modern also means respecting the rule of law,” said PM Cerar.

Looking back at the time when the party was founded, Cerar said “this was actually an unbelievable project”. He labelled the establishment of the party and the election victory a month later “a little miracle”, created by all those citizens who believed in “our story”.


In the October2014 local elections, the SMC emerged as the second strongest party in terms of city councillors.


The senior coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC) is affiliating itself with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the EU. Member Violeta Bulc is Slovenia’s European Commissioner, in charge of transport.

The SMC party sees its role in the social liberal wing of the European liberal political group.


Long on the sidelines of politics as a public interpreter of constitutional issues, constitutional jurist Cerar, who holds a PhD in Law and teaches at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, is now taking an active role in public life. As a young jurist fresh out of law school, Cerar was on the team that drafted the Slovenian Constitution in 1991, and was able to maintain a detached stance, widely considered as unbiased, through two decades as a consultant to Parliament.

In 2013 he was among the candidates to take over a technocratic government but ended up refusing the offer due to lacklustre support among the parties. Since then he has taken on a more prominent role in civil society groups demanding a fundamental change of politics.
Just over a month prior to the General Election in July 2013, and under huge pressure from the public, he decided to form the SMC, which immediately surged to the top of the polls.

To a certain extent, Cerar has also benefited from name recognition. His father is Miro Cerar, a world-class gymnast and winner of multiple Olympic and World Championships golds, and his mother was the late Zdenka Cerar, who served as State Prosecutor General and Justice Minister in left-leaning governments.