Slovenia’s registered unemployment total keeps falling: Study indicates 8,400 new jobs to be created in coming six months

Slovenia’s registered unemployment total keeps falling. Fresh data from the Employment Service put the figure at 102,289 at the end of May, down 3% from a month ago and down 9% year-on-year. Slovenian employers look optimistically at the second half of the year, predicting a 1.4% growth in employment as over 8,400 new jobs are to be added in the economy. Companies in Slovenia will need just over 20,000 workers in the coming six months, partly for substitutions and partly due to the increased need for new employees, said the Employment Service, which carried out in April and May a survey among 2,553 employers giving jobs to 332,000 people.

Employers will be searching for people in jobs like welding, trucking, toolmaking and waiting; in short – mainly in shortage occupations. “This means that employment opportunities for people with these vocations will be greater in construction, transport and hospitality.” On the other hand, forecasts for education are less optimistic, as the workforce is to shrink. Employers expectations reflect the optimism indicated in analyses by IMAD, the Service also said. The government’s macroeconomic think-tank forecast positive economic trends to continue in the coming two years, driven by growth in exports as well as domestic consumption and investment.