Prime minister Cerar: We will continue with key reforms

The government will continue with reforms aimed at boosting development and improving people’s lives, Prime Minister Miro Cerar told MPs on Monday. He announced changes in the pension system, healthcare, palliative care and taxes. “Slovenia has consolidated its public finances, employment is on the rise, and the issue of management of state assets got a strategy that has been missing for years,” the prime minister said.

The government has also drawn up a white paper on pensions, as the last pension reform needs to be upgraded, he noted. “I assure you there will be a continuation of the pension reform.” Cerar also announced a bill introducing greater flexibility and security of employees that is to be discussed by the cabinet in the coming weeks. “In health, we will pass key pieces of legislation this year that will lead to a thorough overhaul of the system – both in terms of private practices and public health, where waiting lines will be cut before the end of the year and employees will have better working conditions.”

The prime minister also said a tax reform was being drawn up to cut levies on labour and cut red tape, introduce a real estate tax and make tax collection more efficient. With all the reforms, the government is focussing on the decades ahead, he said.