Happy to announce: Youth wing of SMC established!

The youth wing of the ruling Modern Centre Party (SMC) has been established, with Rok Novak being elected its president. The 24-year-old told that the Young SMC was willing to work with everybody who was willing to cooperate. “Young people are the driving force of change and openness. Municipalities, the state and the world need our voice, our will and our enthusiasm,” stressed Novak and add: “Young people should rise and speak up about what is right, what needs to be done and “what kind of world we want in the future”.


One of the priorities of the youth wing will be tackling housing issues of the youth, while it will also focus on sustainable development and digitalisation as well as enabling young people to have equal opportunities for being heard in society. Also on hand was the SMC president, Prime Minister Miro Cerar, who was excited to see the youth wing established. “Today, I know I’m looking at a far-reaching future of the SMC. I’m at peace, happy and quite excited.”


“I expect that the youths will invigorate us with your creativity, ingenuity, ideas and mostly with the energy you have shown.” The Young SMC also adopted its manifesto, which aims for a society in which young people will live decently, have the opportunity to get good education, and have a voice.

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