Prime minister Cerar convinced Brexit leads to stronger and renewed European Union

Slovenian Prime minister and SMC President Miro Cerar declared his respect and regrets for Brexit referendum outcome. He emphasized importance of a strong Union, despite the UK leave: »I’m certain that the decision of the British people for Brexit will bring some turbulences and uncertainty in international markets in a short term, but it will lead to stronger and better Union.« PM Cerar said: »Slovenia is firmly standing for a stronger and better, renewed Union«.

SMC Vice-President and President of the National Assembly Milan Brglez said: “The UK chose hard and bumpy roads. The UK has been one of the founding pillars of European integrations development and is of vital importancy for European humanism. For all the other member states, the EU is the only and the key political path. It is a path of democracy, peace and the rule of law. It is a path of economic development and welfare for all its citizens.”

SMC is supportive for decisive response of the ALDE Group in the European parliament, led by Guy Verhofstadt: »Brexit should be a wake-up call for another, reformed European Union.«